Spiritual Awakening


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Spiritual Awakening (2022-12-14)

At some point or the other in life, all of us have wondered what it would be like to awaken the inner self. Deep spiritual awakening can be easily attained when a person has undergone some tragic loss or experienced some sort of mental & physical trauma, acute health problems, loss of a loved one or a breakup of a relationship.This feeling of awakening the inner self spiritually can facilitate the path of enlightenment and pave the way for inner peace, happiness and joy. Its helpful to understand that we are not alone in our quest of finding our true nature. Many have experienced this, and gone on to become great spiritual souls.

Its always helpful to note that unlocking spiritual awakening within ourselves can help us thrive and become one with the soul. Of course there are many who do not recognize the true nature of their inner selves and then some who refuse to acknowledge their true calling in life. They find themselves continually questioning established beliefs & norms and wonder what is going on in the modern world.

Todays world in a continuous state of flux and the younger generation is caught up in appeasing their worldly and carnal desires. Some have witnessed such a hectic life, that they eventually feel they are going nowhere, and suddenly wake up to the fact that there is much to life than just satiating their wants. If developed, this feeling of emptiness can lead one to discover what is hidden deep within themselves and unlock the secrets to a joyous and harmonious existence.

Some experience a feeling of emptiness and feel the need to fulfill a deep sense of yearning. A lack of interest in material wealth, or success in worldly matters does not appease the appetite for filling the inner void. This can trigger an inner quest for truth and eventually lead feeling of contentment and go on to a liberation of the soul.

Gradually, the need for discovering the real meaning of life takes precedence over everything else, and this can in turn lead the way towards discovering the inner self. The discovery of opening up the the inner self leaves a glow of warmth, contentment and inner peace.

Every human being is a spiritual being, but unfortunately, many are caught up with worldly desires and do not experience the bliss of the inner self. To lead a wholesome life, one should experience peace from within, only that can liberate the person.

Some of the signs of spiritual awakening are feeling a sense of contentment, shunning worldy attachments, experiencing inner peace, heightened intuition, increased compassion towards all living beings and most importantly overcoming fear of death.

We can question what happens when the person has experienced spiritual awakening. The feeling of connection towards others transcends the ego and one is always ready and willing to reach out to others, irrespective of the relationship. Suddenly, the need to be one with others and making them a part of your happiness becomes paramount, overcoming all other emotions.

Motivating others, offering kind words of support and refraining from criticizing others are sure signs of inner awakening. New vistas of looking at the world from a different angle open up and the need to make the world a better place, are telltale signs of inner spiritual awakening.

We can also question as to how one we can tell if a person has awakened their inner self. An enhanced feeling of kindness and empathy, becoming one with nature, ignoring negative aspects of others, a sense of community, sense of fulfillment in whatever we do, are all associated with a heightened sense of spiritual awakening.

All of us know that we were created by a superior power who guides and controls us in the journey of life. This entity is referred to as God, the master of the universe. God created us with a purpose and we are duty bound to fulfill this purpose of a higher calling. He is with us all the time in times of good and bad and gives us the strength and courage to face any situations. Sometimes, when we feel overwhelmed with certain circumstances, and feel this is the end of the world, God gives us hope and perseverance to overcome these emotions. Many a time, hopeless situations just fizzle out and we realize we wasted our time and emotions for nothing.

Looking for positive opportunities and downplaying negativity in difficult situations, and looking for answers within is a great way to blow away adversity. Its time all of us delve into the deep subconscious mind and find our spiritual mojo. This will ensure unity with the self and the supreme being within and beyond.