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All astrologers on our online platform are competent and highly skilled in their sphere of work. Those who do not measure up to our stringent standards will be given additional training, and if they still don’t match up, will be delisted from our site. Clients who have established a good rapport with certain astrologers can also access them whenever required, through our platform.

As mentioned above, all chats with astrologers are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, unless required by law to do so.

This factor depends entirely on the user and astrologer. If users find calls expensive, then they can choose to chat with the astrologer.

Vedic Future maintains high standards, thus all users are required to maintain a certain standard of etiquette, and no vulgar or obscene chats will be entertained. It is our earnest endeavor to give users a genuine and authentic experience without compromising on quality standards. All astrologers have to undergo several rounds of interviews before they are put on the payroll of the company. Vedic Future does not in any way compromise on quality and will continue to do so in the future.

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Business and Money

Money is a fundamental and practical necessity of life. We require money to purchase even the bare essentials for survival. It can be advantageous to accumulate wealth for leading a comfortable and stress-free life with all the trappings. The lucky few who manage to accumulate vast amounts of wealth definitely have an edge over the have-nots, who struggle to make ends meet. The disparity is glaring when the rich go on to enjoy material comforts and luxuries in the world and lead a higher standard of life. This makes others who can't afford the same introspect and wonder why they were not blessed equally, even after the hard work they put in.

Many curse their destiny and wonder what they have done to deserve such a poor existence. This is where Vedic Astrology can step in and help you overcome negative aspects affecting the flow of wealth in your life. Trained astrologers can now prescribe remedies and solutions to attract wealth and good fortune like a magnet to help you achieve all your material wants and desires. Why settle for anything less when you can have the best?

Vedic Astrology states that wealth and material benefits are governed by the planetary positions at the time of birth, as well as the present and the future. Business and money astrology can now steer you in the direction of wealth, prosperity, and plenty. If you are facing financial issues, losses in business, and huge expenditures due to unforeseen circumstances, then it’s time you consulted our expert astrologers. Get your financial matters back on track with expert advice from our learned and astute astrologers.

Learn exactly what is hampering your financial progress and rectify the faults with simple and effective Vedic remedies. Open up amazing new windows of opportunity and reap the harvests of your hard work. Vedic Future offers you a golden opportunity to get your finances in order and fulfill the needs of both you and your family.

Now you finally have the chance to put yourself in the driving seat and take control of your finances. Based on the planetary positions in your natal chart, our astrologers can give you invaluable guidance to stabilize and consolidate your financial position. All the answers and solutions can be divined and proper remedies prescribed to remove unfavorable planetary afflictions.

Houses In Birth Chart Responsible For Wealth Creation

Wealth generation and consolidation can be attributed to several causes. A lucky few acquire a steady stream of revenue through various sources due to the effect of powerful planetary combinations in the birth chart. Some others are blessed with wealth by the planetary influences in the second, ninth and eleventh houses. Businessmen and professionals get their spiritual support from planets in the seventh, tenth and eleventh houses, which influence business, employment and monetary gains.

Houses in the borth chart associated with financial gains and wealth accumulation now and in the future are listed as:
  • 2nd House (Money/Wealth)
  • Auspicious for acquiring assets, material possessions and wealth
  • 9th House (Fame, Fortune and Luck)
  • Signifies good luck, fame and fortune
  • 11th House (Prosperity and Gains)

Represents material gains, desire, and fulfillment. Also highlights increased income levels, business profits and gains from various sourses.

On the flip side, the 6th House can inflict increased debts and borrowings. The 12th House signifies increased expenses and monetary losses. The proper/improper placement of these two Houses can make a huge impact on your financial health.

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