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Vedic future maintains a large talent pool of astrologers who are well-versed in Nadi Leaf Readings, Panchang, Kundali, Numerology, Palm Reading, Medical Astrology, Vastu, Vedic Astrology, Tarot Card Readings, KP Astrology, and more. Feel free to ask about career prospects, health, business, marital problems, match-making, love, muhurats, kundli, etc.

All astrologers on our online platform are competent and highly skilled in their sphere of work. Those who do not measure up to our stringent standards will be given additional training, and if they still don’t match up, will be delisted from our site. Clients who have established a good rapport with certain astrologers can also access them whenever required, through our platform.

As mentioned above, all chats with astrologers are confidential and will not be disclosed to anyone, unless required by law to do so.

This factor depends entirely on the user and astrologer. If users find calls expensive, then they can choose to chat with the astrologer.

Vedic Future maintains high standards, thus all users are required to maintain a certain standard of etiquette, and no vulgar or obscene chats will be entertained. It is our earnest endeavor to give users a genuine and authentic experience without compromising on quality standards. All astrologers have to undergo several rounds of interviews before they are put on the payroll of the company. Vedic Future does not in any way compromise on quality and will continue to do so in the future.

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  • Astrologer Shanthala

    >> Rs. 20/minute
    30 minutes Rs. 501 Consult Now

    Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Loshu Grid, Vastu Expert, Aura Scanning
    Languages: Kannada, Tamil, English

    Shantala is a well experienced vedic astrologer in india. She is a dedicated astrologer able to predict the past and forecast the future of the clients in the most accurate way. She provides the best of remedies with instructions that are easily understandable and simple to perform. The aura scanning powers of her are so incredible that she accurately predicts the problems in her clients and provides the remedies that are sure to change the life of a person in a better way.

  • Jyotish Kumaran

    >> Rs. 149/minute
    45 minutes Rs. 3999 Consult Now

    Namalogy, Vastu Expert, Vedic Astrology, Numerology, Sangu Prasanam
    Languages: Tamil

    Kumaran is guided by spirits and has the powers to tell the name of the different persons in their contact. He is also able to guide his clients in a right path to overcome the difficulties in life and to rectify the problems through remedies.One can contact him to get solutions for life problems including mariage, childbirth, love, relationship, business, career and other problems in life. General consultation that provides the insights of life is provided by the astrologer.

  • Pandit Sundaram

    >> Rs. 149/minute
    45 minutes Rs. 3999 Consult Now

    Vedic Astrology, Sangu Prasanam
    Languages: Tamil

    Meenakshisundaram is vedic astrologer and a sangu prasannam expert with deep knowledge and experience in the field. He is capable of understanding the problem of the clients and be able to solve the problems through remedies and pariharams. Sangu prasannam is a special kind of astrology where the astrologer will be able to identify the problems of the clients by using the sounds from the conch and provide solutions to it. The answers for all questions regarding marriage, childbirth , love, relationship, enemies, health, wealth and prosperity will be provided by the guruji using sangu prasannam.

  • Pavalakannan

    >> Rs. 149/minute
    45 minutes Rs. 3999 Consult Now

    Vedic Astrology
    Languages: Tamil, English

    Pavalakanan is a certified vedic astrologer with more that 25+ years of experience in vedic astrology to help his clients to overcome from the troubles and problems in life.

  • Abhiramisekar

    >> Rs. 149/minute
    45 minutes Rs. 3999 Consult Now

    Vedic, Numerology, Vastu, KP, Western Steller, Gemology
    Languages: Tamil, English

    Abhiramisekar is a vedic astrologer, numerology expert and a vastu specialist with 35+ years of experience with powers to identify the problems in life of his clients and is capable of providing the practical remedies that are very effective. He is also a provider of monthly predictions for various magzines and has satisfied clients all over the world. Customers come back to him to take consultations in their new ventures and business related doubts and clarifications.

  • Jyotish Deep

    >> Rs. 49/minute
    45 minutes Rs. 1999 Consult Now

    Vedic Astrology, Lal Kitab
    Languages: Hindi, English, Tamil

    Deep is a vedic astrologer and lal kitab expert with more that 7+ of experience in astrology domain, He is capable of understanding the problem of the clients and be able to solve the problems through remedies.

Vedic Future Online Astrology Consultancy Services

Vedic Future provides clients with an immersive and interactive online Astrology experience. All queries and doubts that may arise in clients' minds can be resolved and ironed out with just a click of a button. Astrologers experienced in every nuance of the subject are available to answer your questions and offer solutions regarding any aspect of life you may be struggling with. Those wishing to get an insight into the future and the means to tackle any unforeseen or difficult situations are welcome to talk with our astrologers online.

Astrologers can be easily accessed as per the client’s convenience and needs & wants. We also strive to provide personalized services, so clients can choose and decide who they need to consult, and when they need to consult.

We have on-call astrologers from various regions, hence language is not a problem. Chat with our astrologers in Hindi, English, Tamil, Kannada, Bengali, Marathi, Malayalam, Kannada, or Telugu.

If you or any of your kin need advice and guidance for marriage, health, career, business, education, and general well-being & prosperity, you can talk to our online astrologers.

Our astrologers have a wealth of experience and a solid astrology background, so rest assured that you will get only the best advice and solutions. You can even talk about any personal issues that you are hesitant to discuss with others, as all online chats are confidential.