Food Donation and Cow Feed


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Benefits and Procedures Of Cow Donation And Feeding

In Hindu Scriptures and Religion, cow donation and feeding are deemed to be sacred, and this tradition has been continuing since ancient times, even by Kings and Emperors. The merits of this custom has been elucidated in the Vedas and Puranas. Those who participate in the act of donating or feeding a cow are said to be granted salvation in Heaven when they depart from the material world. Since the Gods themselves have laid down the principles of cow feeding and donation, it is said that the cow’s body is the hallowed abode of all the Hindu Gods. It is no wonder then that ghee made from cows' milk is used in almost all Hindu rituals, Pujas and Homas.

Since all human beings ingest milk in one form or another, cows deserve to be venerated. The Vedas also state that cows should be cherished as a mother since they provide us nourishment with their milk. Milk, ghee, cheese, curd, and butter are all derived in one form or another from milk. Even the dung they excrete is dried and used to light up kitchen fires in many parts of the world.

Apart from that, cow dung is used in agriculture as manure, and in many rural areas, even electricity is produced from dung. Cow urine therapy is widely used to treat many ailments & sicknesses and it also serves as the primary ingredient in many traditional medicines.

There are many tales and folklore about cows, and Hindu scriptures talk about Kamadhenu, the wish-fulfilling cow. Indeed, It is no wonder that Bhagwan Shiva chose Nandi the bull as his vehicle. Sri Krishna was also famous for his love of cows. Thus, the entire pantheon of Hindu gods is believed to bless and absolve the sins of those who donate cows.

Significance in Astrology

Astrologers often recommend cow donation as a popular remedy to cleanse bad karma acquired knowingly or unknowingly. If proper measure are not taken to remove the bad karma, it can affect the life of a person, and sometimes even be passed on to the Progeny. Often times, this can be circumvented by the simple act of cow donation. This selfless gesture can also appease our ancestors and bring their blessings. Furthermore, it brings many benefits to us and our descendants, sometimes extending even down the line, all the way upto seven generations.

Many astrologers claim that cow feeding alleviates many doshas and negative effects of planets in the natal chart. Ancient religious texts state that feeding the poor and animals can bring manifold benefits, and brings us good karma. Cow feeding can bring in gains from real estate and childless couples who wish to beget progeny.

Cows Are Auspicious

It is a well know fact that cows represent auspiciousness and bring in good luck. Seeing a cow when embarking on any important mission is considered auspicious. Rearing cows at home can greatly mitigate the effect of Vaastu Dosha. Light a cow ghee lamp at home or in a temple for positive vibes.


  • Mitigates planetary afflictions
  • Benefits childless couples
  • Dissolves bad karma
  • Goddess Lakshmi blessings
  • Adds stability in life
  • Overcome roadblocks to marriage
  • Blessings for new ventures

Procedure For Cow Donation:

  • Cow bathing
  • Cow decoration
  • Reciting mantras
  • Cow Pooja
  • Handing over
  • Donating money for feed to extent possible

Reap the immense benefits of cow donation & feeding and attract positivity like a magnet.